About Us

IMG_1042Welcome to Auntie Moos! We are Chris and Louise and we run Fairfield farm which lies at the heart of the beautiful village of Denbury and is home to a 150 strong herd of pedigree Guernsey cows with 85 milking cows. 4 years ago we installed our own state of the art dairy room in which to produce our own Guernsey ice cream from the delicious milk our herd produces.  We now offer 17 flavours of ice cream made with whole milk and double cream and we supply Denbury’s residents and surrounding business and eateries. 

Our farm lies deep in the heart of South Devon next to Denbury Down and the farm  famously plays host to the music festival “Glas-Denbury” every July. Head to the website www.glas-denbury.co.uk for more info on the festival which takes place in July.

The farm with very free draining soil so the cows stay out until November when they come inside into cubicle sheds.  By February they are usually turned out onto the spring Devon grass in the shadow of beautiful Denbury Down.  Chris started milking cows and managing other people’s herds of cows from the age of 15 years in Sussex and Louise grew up in North Devon on a beef and sheep farm. When we met it became our goal and dream to milk our own herd of Guernsey cows. In July 2011 we proudly took over the tenancy of Fairfield Farm, Denbury.  It is truly a family affair with everyone helping on and around the farm.  Our young son Oliver helps us rear the young calves until they become heifers and go into the milking herd.  Chris is predominately in charge of the milking herd and the management of the farm and Louise, together with Oliver, is predominately in charge of rearing the calves and young stock, before they go into the milking herd. Louise is also in charge of the ice cream manufacturing and sales and sales of meat.



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