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Produced on the family run award winning Fairfield Farm – home of Devon’s “mooest” delicious Golden Guernsey Ice Cream and delicious Guernsey beef. We are passionate about what we do and strive to create the most delicious ice cream and Guersey beef. We were thrilled to have been nominated and shortlisted for the CAAV John Neason Farming Diversification Award 2015.

The farm also hosts Glas-Denbury Music Festival held every July on one of our beautiful fields; a family friendly music festival in a beautiful location with something for all ages. @GlasdenburyFest Logo_withoutBadge

Auntie Moos Ice Cream is now being served in a number of venues and shops. Go to our shop page to see where you can go to try our ice cream or how to order!



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Dairy farmer puts her Guernsey milk to good use By Western Morning News  |  Posted: February 11, 2015


IMPORTANT STATEMENT from the owners of Fairfield Farm, Louise and Christopher Carpenter, regarding their 'Animal Welfare' policies

We both wish to strenuously deny and refute the recent, inaccurate and unfounded allegations which were made against us in some national media reports regarding our animal welfare and care conditions on the farm, which is well known for our award-winning Auntie Moo dairy products.

Following an animal welfare complaint made against the farm by VIVA on 6th March during the worst snow for 30 years, and during a period when our stock was rightly taken inside for cover and feeding, and also to care for a sick animal, we immediately cooperated fully with the proper authority, the Animal Plant and Health Agency.

The Animal Plant and Health Agency visited us on 12th March  and inspectors were satisfied with both our standards and approach to animal care and welfare.

In addition to this, our farm has also been independently inspected by another Veterinary Surgeon and the RSPCA and no animal welfare issues were identified or gave rise to concerns.

The calf in the report was too old to be in a hutch and was only there temporarily due to the extreme weather; the authorities understood this.

We wish to assure all of our customers, clients and friends that we are responsible Devon farmers and take the welfare of animals very seriously.

We deeply regret that these false and malicious claims have been made against us, and also wish to point out that members of VIVA entered our farm without our consent as illegal trespassers at approximately 3am on 6 March 2018 in order to take video footage, which they then incorrectly claimed showed poor animal welfare conditions when, in reality, our stock was being well cared for in the prevailing weather conditions.

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